Art Therapy & Expressive Therapy

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Why Art Therapy? Pictures fill the space where words cannot yet go. Sharing your thoughts and emotions with readied canvas is an intimate process where empathic communication happens. Like a mirror, our creative self reflects images of who we are, blending our past, present, and future selves. It is through the process of Art Therapy that we are able to see our inner workings more clearly. Furthermore, we can help others understand what no words could communicate. In the studio we leave behind product-focused thinking that births judgment; rather we dive into the process of finding new ways of exploring our meaningful self.

Expressive Art Groups

Studio Art Therapy
Studio Art is a group providing the venue and materials for creative exploration. Participants, in tradition with the studio setting, work at their own pace to create original works. Guidance is offered to artists as they discover personal style and talents.

Expressive Art Therapy
Expressive Art group utilizes the creative process for self-exploration that can lead to insightful conclusions. Growth becomes a collaborative effort where members serve as part of the reflective team. Group members can expect to maintain an artists’ journal, be introduced to styles, participate in projects to stimulate discussion and complete a series unified by a personal theme.

Teen Art Therapy
Teens and children take easily to this therapeutic method finding an easy way to express complicated and deep emotions and feelings.