Be at Peace in the Moment

“Whenever we daydream, worry, or nurse a grudge, we are training the mind to escape from the present moment. We get trapped in the past or future” – Eknath Easwaran

Let go of the chains that hold you in the past and the riptide that draws you in to the future – NOW is the moment that demands your focus. Give yourself to the moment and you will find both peace and purpose.

DBT Skills Group

In DBT skills group we teach a critical skill in cultivating healing from painful emotions, experiences, and a way of building our resiliency in the time of crisis, called Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance begins with mindfulness and requires willingness to bring mindfulness to experiences that we ordinarily run or hide from because we dislike or they cause pain. The willingness to meet our pain with full awareness builds courage, resiliency, by facing fear. However, there is a second critical element of radical acceptance that is necessary and that is the practice of attending to the experience non-judgmentally. We continue in group, meditation class, and book study to practice these two skills and when they are brought together to witness and allow the moment to moment experience there is a magical moment….when radical acceptance is reached and a person will move beyond the trap of suffering…and be free. Don’t believe me? Come learn more about how you can be truly FREE from suffering.

Dr. Shutt