Everything IS Possible!

The first of Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws presents the idea of “Pure Potentiality”. This spiritual law is difficult to teach to adults who are locked into a set of ideas and beliefs that are limiting and therefore untrue. It is rare to find an adult who was raised in a family or culture to believe that all things are possible. Fortunately the law of pure potentiality exists whether you believe it or not and so it can be uncovered and cultivated using daily practices of meditation, observing nature, and opening to new ways of seeing and doing things.

Meditation is a primary practice for clear seeing and opening to truth and all possibilities. Through this daily practice, one becomes familiar with limiting thoughts, beliefs, and widens the scope of “seeing”.

Getting out into nature is another way to expand our perspectives and even FEEL with all our senses as we observe the sky, the ocean, the forest, or mountain that, “I can do anything!” When we tap into the vast energy and power present in nature and align with it through mindfulness and non-judgment, our world opens up naturally, and expands our possibilities right before us.

The final practice that is offered is to be truly open and willing to see and reach beyond the “known” by looking for other ways to see a situation and reaching beyond our own limits. All of these tools are taught in our DBT skills group at the Therapeutic Oasis, which is grounded in mindfulness. We are taught to reach beyond our conditioning, to open up to see what might be missing from our limited perspective, and to stretch our limits by building mastery through doing things that are difficult and out of our comfort zone.

Tashi deley,

Dr. Shutt

Be at Peace in the Moment

“Whenever we daydream, worry, or nurse a grudge, we are training the mind to escape from the present moment. We get trapped in the past or future” – Eknath Easwaran

Let go of the chains that hold you in the past and the riptide that draws you in to the future – NOW is the moment that demands your focus. Give yourself to the moment and you will find both peace and purpose.

DBT Skills Group

In DBT skills group we teach a critical skill in cultivating healing from painful emotions, experiences, and a way of building our resiliency in the time of crisis, called Radical Acceptance. Radical Acceptance begins with mindfulness and requires willingness to bring mindfulness to experiences that we ordinarily run or hide from because we dislike or they cause pain. The willingness to meet our pain with full awareness builds courage, resiliency, by facing fear. However, there is a second critical element of radical acceptance that is necessary and that is the practice of attending to the experience non-judgmentally. We continue in group, meditation class, and book study to practice these two skills and when they are brought together to witness and allow the moment to moment experience there is a magical moment….when radical acceptance is reached and a person will move beyond the trap of suffering…and be free. Don’t believe me? Come learn more about how you can be truly FREE from suffering.

Dr. Shutt