In May, Team Oasis had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey Averill, feminist activist, scholar, and filmmaker.  Averill, a PhD candidate at Florida Atlantic University, is currently working on her first documentary.  Fattitude explores representations of overweight people in popular culture, which often include unflattering stereotypes, discrimination, and ridicule. Through interviews with scholars and activists, Fattitude reveals to viewers that every body is worthy of love, pleasure, and acceptance.

Ms. Averill shared the Fattitude trailer, as well as unreleased clips.  After viewing, we spoke passionately about the objectification of women’s bodies, the false correlation between thinness and health, and even fatkinis.  It was evident to all in attendance that cultural perceptions of body image need to be examined and discussed openly, regardless of the reactions of others.

Fattitude is an ambitious project currently in its post-production stages.  Fundraising efforts have already generated over $44,000; however, costs have proven to be higher than anticipated.  Here is what we ask of you:

  1. View the trailer at:
  2. Help spread the word!  Discuss Fattitude with friends, family, and co-workers.
  3. Follow Fattitude on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  4. If you feel compelled to give, make a tax-deductible donation.

Just this past weekend, body shaming made national news.  We cannot wait for Fattitude to change minds and hearts.  What are your thoughts?

Staff Spotlight: Ashley Leising, M.S., Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

Staff Spotlight
Meet Ashley Leising, M.S., #IMH13586
Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

What is your academic background?

I double majored in Psychology and Family and Child Sciences, and graduated with my Bachelor of Science from The Florida State University. I then went onto obtain my Master of Science from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Mental Health Counseling.

Favorite Self-Care Activities:

Massages, going to the beach/on the boat, hanging with my cousins, working out, getting my hair and nails done, shopping, cleaning.

What is your approach to therapy?

I have an integrative approach with a focus on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Each client is different, and I tailor my approach toward their needs.

What influenced you to become a therapist? When did you know that you wanted to work in mental health?

At a young age, I had the opportunity to help my aunt coach children with autism. During
undergrad, I interned at a private practice and have always enjoyed helping others. Through my internship, I began to realize that I have a passion for helping and working with people. I enjoyed my undergraduate coursework and knew mental health was a field I wanted to pursue higher education in.

Why is therapy important?

Sometimes, we just can’t doing everything ourselves. Therefore, we seek the help of others. Therapy is a place for clients to focus on themselves.

Ashley is available for individual therapy sessions and DBT coaching.  Call (561) 278-6033 to schedule an appointment.

Staff Spolight: Stephanie Burstein, M.S., Registered Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

Staff Spotlight
Meet Stephanie Burstein, M.S., #IMT2307
Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

What is your academic background?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Upon
graduating, I moved to NYC, where I have an aunt who is a psychiatrist, and interned at a state clinic. Soon after, I began looking into graduate programs, and ultimately decided to come back home to be closer to my family. I attended Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I recently obtained my Master of Science in both Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.

Favorite Self-Care Activities:

I love to work on my art journals and experiment with mixed media. I find it relaxing to lay out all my materials on a table and just start to play! I also really enjoy comedy. Whenever I’ve had a rough day, I have go-to comedians that can brighten my mood! To quote Audrey Hepburn, “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”

What is your approach to therapy?

As a Marriage and Family therapist, I take a Systems Approach. I see individuals as part of a system that impacts them. Luckily, I work alongside some amazing therapists who challenge and support me. I am continuously growing as a clinician and love every minute of it.

What influenced you to become a therapist? When did you know that you wanted to work in mental health?

I think I always knew I wanted to work with people on a personal level, but was not sure to what extent. I toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher, but the idea of being able to really help create positivity in a person when they needed it most seemed like it was the best path for me. It was during my general psychology class that I decided to change majors. This class sparked more of my interest to understand our behaviors.

Why is therapy important?

We all want to be understood and ultimately therapy helps facilitate that desire.

Stephanie is available for individual therapy sessions and DBT coaching for children, teens and parents.  Call (561) 278-6033 to schedule an apppointment.

Meditation 101

Meditation 101:  Q & A with Dr. Patricia Shutt

What are the fundamentals of meditation?
I teach basic concentration skills to beginners to cultivate discipline in the mind and to become more one-pointed. Our minds are divided during most of our day and jumping from one task to another, often without our permission. We start with practices of awareness of breath, awareness of sensations, and work toward awareness of thoughts and feelings. For some, instruction in using a mantram, which is a short phrase repeated silently, works as a way to harness the wild, restless mind.

How much time should one dedicate to meditation each day?
The formal practice of sitting meditation requires between 20-45 minutes per day. However as one begins to develop a daily practice, they can start off with a shorter duration, maybe 5-10 minutes, and gradually build as concentration improves. One will gradually shift their priorities in life to make the time for meditation as the practice continues.

What is the ideal environment to meditate?
The best environment is right where you are – anywhere and anytime. Any comfortable spot with minimal interruptions will do. Getting caught up in having to have the “right” place, space, and time often leads to putting off the practice. There really is no ”right” or “wrong” environment.

What is the most common misconception people have regarding meditation?
The idea that one must clear their mind or empty their mind is a common misconception in beginning meditation. Many people give up immediately when they discover “monkey mind” – a state of wandering and jumping from thought to thought, is a more typical experience. It takes time and patience to move past that.

Join us for Mindful Mondays at Sacred Treehouse!  Beginning Meditation with Dr. Shutt is held every Monday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  For more information, please call us at 561-278-6033.

Book Review – “Beautiful You” by Rosie Molinary

Beautiful You by Rosie Molinary

Asia Adams, Staff Writer

Beautiful You is unlike any personal growth book I’ve ever read.  While I’ve found that others tend to be repetitive, even cliché at times, this book delivers a fresh approach, and I am grateful to have come across it.  From the first page, I was hooked.  With 365 prompts for journaling all falling under the umbrella of acceptance and appreciation for oneself, it is wonderful for those seeking a short, daily read.  It is practical in that it only requires a few minutes a day, and at the same time, provides more than enough material to leave me feeling affected (in the best way possible), and satisfied.  My favorite prompts so far? Day 2: Pledge Allegiance to Yourself and Day 28: Stop Comparing.  I give Beautiful You two thumbs up, as it has resonated quite well with me.  It provides the perfect means for daily self-reflection, and is quite literally an innovative how-to guide for boosting a healthy sense of self, while decreasing self-deprecation.  Every minute that I spend with it in hand is truly time well spent.

Looking for more?  Attend the Art Journaling class on Fridays at Sacred Treehouse from 11:00 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m.

2nd Annual HEArt Show Fundraiser a Huge Success!

It wasn’t your typical fundraising event.  Fancy invitations were not sent to a targeted donor mailing list, nor was the event publicized months in advance.  Directed by Clara Bossie, LMFT, the “event committee” consisted of a group of staff members dedicated to a nonprofit organization close to their hearts.  An abundance of creative vision combined with passionate and enthusiastic supporters resulted in the HEArt Show (Healing Through Expressive Arts), benefitting The Body Positive.

Therapeutic Oasis of the Palm Beaches was transformed for the sold out event, which took place on February 6th, 2015.  Our building twinkled against the sunset’s dusk, with the landscaping highlighted in hues of blue and purple.  Guests were greeted by live harp music and invited to explore multiple galleries.  While enjoying specially prepared culinary creations, attendees participated in body art, live videography, and hands-on art in our collaborative painting studio.

Over forty featured artists contributed pieces to the HEArt Show.  Whimsical décor and special lighting complimented artwork, which included mixed media, photography, jewelry, fashion, and sculpture.  Featured local artists included Salvatore Principe, Ona Steele, Charles Soto, as well as art students from both Atlantic Community and Boca Raton Community High Schools.  The live auction featured two one-of-a-kind pieces created during the event in our live studio.

Whether attendees were just enjoying the sights or purchasing exquisite artwork, everyone who participated helped to support The Body Positive.  Founded in 1996, The Body Positive’s mission is to teach people how to overcome conflicts with their bodies so they can lead happier, more productive lives.  The organization’s mission is spread through public workshops, student leadership training and mentoring, professional training, and online activism.  Connie Sobczak, Executive Director of The Body Positive, was thrilled to attend the HEArt Show.  Guests were able to receive signed copies of Ms. Sobczak’s book, Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!).

The personal touches and intimate atmosphere of the HEArt Show made it truly unique in comparison to other fundraising endeavors.  Generous underwriters, caring volunteers, and talented artists worked together to create a memorable evening, with over $7,000 raised to support The Body Positive (visit  The HEArt Show proved that Einstein was on to something when he shared that: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  All of the fundraising expertise combined couldn’t have reproduced the heart and soul that went into this extraordinary event.  We hope we have inspired you to become involved in next year’s show!

Sara Goldstein, Staff Writer