Family Therapy in Delray Beach

Family Therapy at Therapeutic Oasis in Delray BeachFamily relationships have a powerful impact on our overall health and wellbeing, and when the family system breaks down, everyone can suffer. We understand the multi-layered array of complicated issues that can accompany problems within a family. Our highly qualified and experienced family therapy providers help each family member examine their personal role within the dynamic and explore their abilities to contribute to a positive resolution. In addition to family therapy, we offer a continuum of resources and treatments for families including child education, adolescent coaching, support groups and intensive therapy to help each family member face adversity with strength and peace. Although family members often feel out of control when it comes to dealing with crisis, there are many ways that family members can support and foster change. Here are a few important ways families can take part in treatment:

Providing Information
Parents and other family members often provide history and information that allows for a truly holistic treatment approach. Family members are viewed as an important part of the family therapy treatment “team” and are encouraged to take part in sessions and groups.

The most basic level of family therapy intervention is to help families understand the complexity of issues through psycho-education. Education is provided through therapy groups, support groups and individual therapy and coaching. Through education, family members can learn to support, while still taking care of themselves.

Communication Coaching
It can often feel like you and your loved one are speaking a completely different language! While this is often the case, family members are provided with education, coaching and skill building in the areas of assertive communication, boundary setting and effective relationship development. Furthermore, family members can learn to be aware of unproductive patterns of interaction.

Structural Family Systems Therapy
Every family is dynamic in nature. For this reason the structure of family therapy is also dynamic. Our team carefully determines the structure of family therapy based on the system and the needs of its members. We have therapists that will join with the family as an educator, family coach, or counselor depending on the level of intervention needed. At times the whole family or a sub-system within the family may find him or her in the session. This type of family therapy is a multifaceted process and a more intensive level of intervention than supportive and educational interventions.