Meal Support Therapy

Healing one’s relationship with food goes well beyond simply learning and talking about food. To truly find peace from an eating disorder or disordered eating, one must begin to experience nourishment in a safe and supportive place. Meal Support Therapy at the Oasis not only offers individuals the opportunity to explore eating in a relaxed and pleasant environment, but also allows them to witness normal eating and learn to make choices that meet their particular needs.

Meal Support Therapy is an important component of the Oasis Eating Disorder Program. Through pre- and post-meal process with our nutrition therapist, individuals are guided to tune into their body’s signals of hunger and satiety, identify emotions, and discuss challenges and intentions they would like to work through in the meal. This unique experience can relieve much of the anxiety that has accompanied their meals in the past and move clients toward true enjoyment of eating and peace with food.

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