Dr. Shutt, Dr. Friedman and the team at the Therapeutic Oasis have been a godsend, in my battle with severe depression and addiction.
The Therapeutic Oasis is a beautiful and nurturing environment, and the staff there are all top notch. I had long given up on therapists, because I never found one that helped me. These psychologists are the first I have found in over 30 years that have made a difference. Their perceptive, caring, and proficient therapeutic approach have been invaluable to me. A combination of individual therapy, yoga, meditation, group therapy, and nutrition therapy from Christie Caggiani is a powerful combination, with just the right people! Six weeks ago I was at the lowest point in my life, and they helped bring me out of suicidal despair. I owe my life to them as they restored my hope and continue to motivate me to live MY life to the FULLEST!

I sincerely believe that Dr. Shutt has saved my life. Depression has plagued me for the better part of my life. Several months ago my depression became so severe that I felt life was no longer worth living. I was living every day experiencing a great sense of sadness and hopelessness. Knowing that it would be impossible for me to overcome these feelings on my own I sought help from Dr. Shutt. Though it did not happen overnight, gradually from the first session on, Dr. Shutt helped restore hope and my sense of well-being and even happiness. I still have my ups and downs, but the down days are much fewer. I am learning how to regulate emotions and cope with difficult emotions, and more importantly, I no longer wish to die.

I have learned that Dr. Shutt truly cares for each and every one of her patients. She has a personalized approach to recovery and is sincerely concerned with helping all her patients restore their sense of well-being. The Oasis also offers a wide variety of programs, many of which continue to help me in my healing, such as art, yoga, meditation, and DBT. Also a huge extra bonus for me was that I gained many new friends. I now know I am not alone. I have their support as they do mine. I cannot overstate my gratitude to Dr. Shutt and I have no hesitation in recommending the Oasis to anyone who is hurting and needs help in recovering from trauma, addiction, and depression.

“Working with Anni has been transformational on a level too deep for ordinary words. I have not only healed from depression, dysfunctional relationships and paralysis by fear, I have shifted and grown on a spiritual level. Anni has the unique and rare ability to see past my humanness and into the beauty and perfection of my soul. She has been and still is my saving grace.”

My mother, my father , my husband ,had all passed away in a two year period … I met Anni at a bereavement lecture ..at that time even therapy seemed too painful .. I waited nearly half a year to call her .. To ask for help … Because of her compassion , wisdom & faith .. I find myself giggling again .. I have even danced … . I am still in individual counseling , discovering who I am now , searching for clarity & purpose … I trust Anni to guide me.

Several years ago I found myself in pretty bad shape emotionally, from a history of Anxiety, Depression & Mood Disorder then lead to Addiction and Disordered Eating. I was riding the same roller coaster for years.
For as long as I can remember I was always trying to change my life with different psychologists, psychiatrist, & different self-help groups. I was living a secret life with addiction. Between the lies, the secrets & the guilt I was caring around inside my self I couldn’t take it anymore…I knew I wanted to change and needed to!! So I confided in my mother about my reality; with tears she begged me to get help…so I did.
During detox and a outpatient program. I met Dr. Nicole Friedman. I can honestly say that without Dr. Friedman I don’t know if I would be the person I am today. She has saved my life on so many levels. Through her wisdom, insight and extraordinary empathy, she attended to me several times a week until I was able to work through numerous emotional challenges. I have known Dr. Friedman for 4 years now, through which I’ve been sober. She is my guardian angel. I am forever indebted to her.
I am now a much healthier woman with a new lease on life. It was because of Dr. Friedman I opened my eyes to realize I had an eating disorder which I unconsciously had struggled with for years. I just thought I loved to eat, and didn’t realize the role food was playing in my life. I was filling the emotional hole inside myself and releasing it while purging. It was only then that I learned to deal with it through my meetings with Dr. Friedman, and Nutrition Therapist / Dietitian, Christie Caggiani. Christie taught me about mindful eating, Food Diaries, how important drinking enough water is, and helped me listen to my body & hunger signals. To give myself permission to “stop” eating, I can put food aside and eat it later instead of over indulging. She helped me to understand my body image issues & how normalizing my eating can help with not only physical changes, but changes in thoughts, feelings & emotions.
Oasis has turned into my safe place where I can relax to a massage, or feel rejuvenated with yoga, not only learn, but share in individual therapy and closed process groups. Through the Book Studies I have had the privilege of learning about the Gita & Radical Acceptance. The people at Oasis are more like family and I appreciate all the services that are offered.
Thank you, Dr. Friedman, and everyone at Oasis.

Anni came highly recommended to me and I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Anni – she has the ability to get the big picture, focus on the important issues, watch one’s body language and help with what one needs to say.
She is very proactive but does not come across as pushy. Anni tries to get at least one strong point across each session with a good plan for the next session.


I began working with Dr. Friedman two years ago after traditional treatment failed me.  In that time I have made more progress than I have in 20+ years of therapy.  I was struggling with substance abuse, chronic pain and a mood disorder.  Dr Friedman is adept at treating ALL of my problems and how they interact and impact my health & wellness.  I have not only learned to overcome my symptoms but I have now learned how to be well.  Through individual and group therapy and DBT, I have learned specific tools I could take into and use in my daily life.  I consider my recovery a miracle. I have healed in ways I never thought possible.  For the first time in many, many years, I feel good about who I am & where my life is going. Thank you, Dr Friedman!  I owe you a debt of gratitude!




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