Therapy – The Oasis Philosophy

Therapy in Delray BeachAt the Oasis, we are truly dedicated to providing you the highest quality of care. At our core, we work to genuinely connect with our clients in a respectful, compassionate and non-judgmental manner. Our treatment approach recognizes that each client is unique, and as such, we take the time to understand your personal experience in order to design a care plan just for you. As we guide clients in their journey to wellness, we honor where they are and gently nudge them toward change. We believe therapy is only as good as the relationship between client and therapists. A strong therapeutic relationship helps to facilitate change in a comfortable and safe manner. We also understand that each client enters therapy with a unique history and that everyone is in a different place in the recovery process. We believe in meeting our clients where they are, recognizing that no one’s recovery looks the same. Our experienced nutritionists and therapists adhere to the highest of ethical standards, providing therapeutically grounded, evidence-based therapy treatment. The Oasis, nestled in a quiet, intimate island like setting, feels like a home away from home, creating an ideal environment for the mind, body and soul to heal.

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